JCPP Advances 2023 Special Issue – ‘Evidence-based Synthesis Studies for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conditions’

September sees the release of the JCPP Advances 2023 Special Issue on ‘Evidence-based Synthesis Studies for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conditions’, edited by Professor Henrik Larsson, Dr. Marco Solmi, Professor Guilherme Polanczyk, Professor Seena Fazel, Dr. Cinzia Del Giovane and Dr. Ioana Cristea.

As stated by Alessio Bellato et al. in their co-authored editorial, ‘one of the goals of this special issue was to publish high-quality evidence synthesis studies that could provide guidance for future research, both in the short- and the long-term’.

The 13 evidence synthesis studies included in this special issue report comprehensive overviews of several important areas in child and adolescent mental health; including papers focusing on outcomes and prognosis, early predictors, interventions, important research question, as well as recent developments in methodology for evidence synthesis and good practices for reporting findings of systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

This JCPP Advances Special Issue Series aims to:

  • Explore a range of synthesis studies
  • Examine the results to help provide guidance for future research
  • Engage with the findings to work towards a better understanding of CAMH conditions

We hope that you can access our Open Access papers and accompanying resources, and do please share with colleagues to better understand the importance of evidence synthesis studies for future research.

All papers in this Special Issue are Open Access.


  • Editorial ‘Evidence-based child and adolescent mental health care: The role of high-quality and transparently reported evidence synthesis studies’, (August 2023). Alessio Bellato, Ioana Alina Cristea, Cinzia Del Giovane, Seena Fazel, Guilherme V. Polanczyk, Marco Solmi, Henrik Larsson

Research reviews

  • Research Review ‘Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular diseases: A systematic review and meta-analysis’, (April 2023). Lin Li, Honghui Yao, Le Zhang, Miguel Garcia-Argibay, Ebba Du Rietz, Isabell Brikell, Marco Solmi, Samuele Cortese, J. Antoni Ramos-Quiroga, Marta Ribasés, Zheng Chang, Henrik Larsson


  • Research Review ‘Sleep parameters and problems in adolescents with and without ADHD: A systematic review and meta-analysis’, (March 2023). Finja Marten, Lena Keuppens, Dieter Baeyens, Bianca E. Boyer, Marina Danckaerts, Samuele Cortese, Saskia Van der Oord


  • Research Review ‘Social gradient in use of health services and health-related quality of life of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review’, (May 2023). Abraham Sevastidis, Sithara Wanni Arachchige Dona, Lisa Gold, Emma Sciberra, David Coghill, Ha Nguyet Dao Le


  • Research Review ‘Longitudinal studies of child mental disorders in the general population: A systematic review of study characteristics’, (August 2023). Theodora Bogdan, Weiyi Xie, Habeba Talaat, Hafsa Mir, Bhargavi Venkataraman, Laura E. Banfield, Katholiki Georgiades, Laura Duncan


  • Research Review ‘Relationship between elimination disorders and internalizing-externalizing problems in children: A systematic review and meta-analysis’, (July 2023). Claudia Aymerich, Borja Pedruzo, Malein Pacho, Jon Herrero, María Laborda, Marta Bordenave, Gonzalo Salazar de Pablo, Eva Sesma, Aranzazu Fernández-Rivas, Ana Catalan, Miguel Ángel González-Torres


  • Research Review ‘The multifaceted consequences and economic costs of child anxiety problems: A systematic review and meta-analysis’, (April 2023). Jack Pollard, Tessa Reardon, Chloe Williams, Cathy Creswell, Tamsin Ford, Alastair Gray, Nia Roberts, Paul Stallard, Obioha C. Ukoumunne, Mara Violato
    • Video abstract ‘The multifaceted consequences and economic costs of child anxiety problems: A systematic review and meta-analysis’ with Mara Violato and Jack Pollard


  • Research Review ‘Autonomic dysregulation and self-injurious thoughts and behaviours in children and young people: A systematic review and meta-analysis’, (March 2023). Alessio Bellato, Muskaan Aleeza Admani, Camila Deak, Luis Carlos Farhat, Maria Carolina Fontana Antunes de Oliveira, Rebeca Vasconcelos, Margherita Malanchini, Elizabeth Shephard, Giorgia Michelini


  • Research Review ‘Efficacy of stimulants for preschool attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis’, (February 2023). Luisa S. Sugaya, Luis C. Farhat, Pietro Califano, Guilherme V. Polanczyk


  • Research Review ‘Sustained improvements by behavioural parent training for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A meta-analytic review of longer-term child and parental outcomes’, (September 2023). Dominique P. A. Doffer, Tycho J. Dekkers, Rianne Hornstra, Saskia van der Oord, Marjolein Luman, Patty Leijten, Pieter J. Hoekstra, Barbara J. van den Hoofdakker, Annabeth P. Groenman


  • Research Review ‘A systematic review of dramatherapy interventions used to alleviate emotional distress and support the well-being of children and young people aged 8–18 years old’, (March 2023). Eleanor Keiller, Megan Tjasink, Jane Bourne, Dennis Ougrin, Catherine Elizabeth Carr, Jennifer Y. F. Lau
    • Podcast ‘Dramatherapy Interventions to Alleviate Emotional Distress and Support Wellbeing’ with Eleanor Keiller


  • Research Review ‘A systematic review and meta-analysis of nonpharmacological interventions for children and adolescents with selective mutism’, (May 2023). Gino Hipolito, Emma Pagnamenta, Helen Stacey, Emily Wright, Victoria Joffe, Kou Murayama, Cathy Creswell


  • Research Review ‘Do single-case experimental designs lead to randomised controlled trials of cognitive behavioural therapy interventions for adolescent anxiety and related disorders recommended in the National Institute of Clinical Excellence guidelines? A systematic review’, (July 2023). Tom Cawthorne, Anton Käll, Sophie Bennett, Elena Baker, Emily Cheung, Roz Shafran


Clinical Reviews

  • Clinical Review ‘Sleep disturbance as transdiagnostic mediator between adverse childhood experiences and psychopathology in children and adolescents: A structural equation modeling meta-analysis’, (March 2023). Jianlin Liu, Wen Lin Teh, Rachel Hsiao Shen Tan, Yoke Boon Tan, Charmaine Tang, Nisha Chandwani, Mythily Subramaniam


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