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Professor Sara Jaffee

Sara Jaffee is a professor of psychology and the director of graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a developmental psychopathologist who conducts research on at-risk families and children. She is interested in how stressful environments exacerbate underlying genetic vulnerabilities to affect children’s development, with a special interest in children’s antisocial behaviour. Her work combines longitudinal, epidemiological methods with genetically- informative research designs to better understand how risk and protective factors operate in children’s development.


Links on the ACAMH website

JCPP Annual Research Review Editorial: Volume 62, Issue 05, May 2021 “‘In our time’: Has the pandemic changed the way we write and read mental health and neurodevelopmental disorder research reviews?”

JCPP Annual Research Review 2020 “Something new: What’s next for child psychology and psychiatry?” by Sara Jaffee

JCPP Annual Research Review 2019 “The rise and rise of developmental perspectives in child psychology and psychiatry” by Sara Jaffee

JCPP Editorial: Volume 59, Issue 02, February 2018 “Promises and pitfalls in the development of biomarkers that can promote early intervention in children at risk” by Sara Jaffee

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