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I am a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist working clinically in a North Yorkshire CAMHS team. I am Associate Director of Medical Education in the trust I work in, also Training Program director for CAMHS higher training in Yorkshire.

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Welcome to this informatics themed edition of the Bridge.

It is rare today to see a young teenager without a smartphone in their hand or pocket. Young people have increasing access to technology which creates many opportunities and challenges. Apps and websites can deliver psychoeducation and even therapy, some examples and their evaluation are outlined in this edition. Social media platforms can connect people but can also be a medium for bullying.

The Autcraft platform provides a novel way for children with ASC to make friends, but also highlights how important it is that parents and carers are supported in understanding children’s online activity, so that, safe helpful, online spaces can be created and maintained. The informatics field is advancing rapidly so we will revisit it regularly in the Bridge.

Email with details of what you’d like to see in future issues. A pdf of The Bridge Informatics issue is available to download. Please feel free to share this with colleagues, together with the direct links to the articles below.

Articles in this edition

Changing perceptions on technological therapy

Parents with BD receive online support

mHealth ineffective for depression prevention

Designing services with patients calls for curiosity and empathy

How research on cyberbullying has developed

Digital health interventions for the young: meeting expectations?

Minecraft for young people with Autism

iPad App complements ASD therapy



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