Slides for Emanuel Miller 2019 ‘Attachment and Early Intervention’

Matt Kempen
Marketing Manager for ACAMH

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To download, or view, each of the speaker slides for this event please click the link of the named speaker.

09:20 – Professor Marinus H. van IJzendoorn – The vicious cycle of early harsh and insensitive parenting: how much is inherited, how does it affect the brain, and how can we break it?

10:20 Emanuel Miller Memorial Lecture: Professor David Olds – Using Randomized Clinical Trials of the Family-Nurse Partnership to Inform Policy, Practice, and Developmental Science

11:40 Professor Tamsin Ford – The incredible years teacher programme – update on recent trials

13.20 Professor Frances Gardner  Are earlier interventions more effective?

13:35 Professor Gordon Harold – Revisiting the Nature of Nurture: Promoting Children’s Positive Mental Health in a Digital World

14:25 Professor Pasco Fearon – Myth-busting around attachment theory

15:35 Professor Jonathan GreenEarly dyadic intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorder


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