‘Helping Young People in Crisis’ – Slides for 2019 Jack Tizard Memorial Lecture & Conference

Matt Kempen

Marketing Manager for ACAMH

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We currently have the following slides available to download

10:35 – Professor Andrea Danese ‘The impact of adverse childhood experiences: Challenges ahead’ – slides available at this link

14:05 – Professor Eamon McCrory ‘How neuroscience is helping to motivate a preventative psychiatry approach: Latent vulnerability and the impact of childhood maltreatment’ – slides available at this link

14:55 – Dr. Arnon Bentovim ‘Hope for Children and Families Intervention Resources – Working with Complex and Multiple Problems’ – slides available at this link

16:05 – Dr. Bernadette Wren ‘Ethical issues arising in the provision of medical interventions for gender diverse children and adolescents’ – slides available at this link

We are awaiting slides for the following lectures and will update as soon as we have them. Full details of the event and programme of the day can be found on the Jack Tizard 2019 home page.

09:35 – Jack Tizard Memorial Lecture: Professor Keith Hawton ‘Self-harm in children and adolescents: a major health and social problem of our time’

11:45 – Dr. Troy Tranah ‘Working with at-risk adolescents’


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