‘Helping Young People in Crisis’ – Slides for 2019 Jack Tizard Memorial Lecture & Conference

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We currently have the following slides available to download

10:35 – Professor Andrea Danese ‘The impact of adverse childhood experiences: Challenges ahead’ – slides available at this link

14:05 – Professor Eamon McCrory ‘How neuroscience is helping to motivate a preventative psychiatry approach: Latent vulnerability and the impact of childhood maltreatment’ – slides available at this link

14:55 – Dr. Arnon Bentovim ‘Hope for Children and Families Intervention Resources – Working with Complex and Multiple Problems’ – slides available at this link

16:05 – Dr. Bernadette Wren ‘Ethical issues arising in the provision of medical interventions for gender diverse children and adolescents’ – slides available at this link

Full details of the event and programme of the day can be found on the Jack Tizard 2019 home page.

09:35 – Jack Tizard Memorial Lecture: Professor Keith Hawton ‘Self-harm in children and adolescents: a major health and social problem of our time’

11:45 – Dr. Troy Tranah ‘Working with at-risk adolescents’



Are slides from Professor Hawton’s talk available for download yet?

Thank you


We’ve asked for the slides but sadly they’ve not been made available to us.

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