Getting the Right Support – Episode 1 ‘ADHD, A Young Person’s Guide’

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Hosted by Dr. Blandine French, this podcast series focuses on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) and is designed to help young people and their families. We are delighted to produce this podcast series in partnership with Clinical Partners, the UK’s largest private mental health partnership.

This episode focuses on giving yourself the right support and Blandine is joined by Ruth Pearse, from Parenting Special Children, and Chris, a university student with lived experience of ADHD.

Chris begins by discussing how it felt when he received his diagnosis and what the first big issues were that he faced following this. Chris also comments on how he identifies the key issues that he is struggling with and what his approach is to make a change, before discussing what type of support there is for young people and shares an example of his own experiences.

Blandine, Ruth and Chris then explore how talking about ADHD can make a difference and share what they found helpful to better understand how ADHD can affect you, including listening to other people’s experiences through podcasts or literature.

Blandine, Ruth and Chris also comment on how people with ADHD stay organised, with Chris sharing his own tips and tricks and Ruth discussing the importance of understanding ADHD to be able to create helpful strategies and find what’s right for you.

Furthermore, Chris and Ruth share their top three tips for giving yourself the right support and the key messages that they would like people to take from this podcast.

This podcast series for young people is supported by Clinical Partners. With the UK’s largest network of senior mental health professionals, Clinical Partners can help ensure your child has fast-tracked the right diagnosis and optimized treatment plan. For further information and advice for families and carers, search for Clinical Partners ADHD or visit their website.

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Dr. Blandine French
Dr. Blandine French

Blandine has worked with parents of children with ADHD and adult patients for the last 8 years. She also received a diagnosis of ADHD as an adult which enabled her to go back to university to gain a degree in child psychology. Blandine’s main research interest in neurodevelopmental disorders, most specifically ADHD and Dyspraxia. Bio and image via The Institute of Mental Health Nottingham

Ruth Pearse
Ruth Pearse

Ruth is the Founder and Chief Executive of Parenting Special Children, a Berkshire-based charity supporting families with neurodiverse children and young people. Ruth is also a parent of three young adults who are neurodiverse, two of whom have ADHD and one who’s got learning disability, and was a primary teacher in a school with a specialist unit for children with physical disabilities. Bio and image via Parenting Special Children


Hi my name is Chris. I am someone who has personal experience of ADHD. Topics surrounding mental health and learning disabilities has always been something that I am passionate about and openly wanting to discuss with others in order to reduce the stigmas attached to such conditions. I am currently a student nurse and looking into improving services for young people and adults. I enjoy listening to podcasts and music alike and like to give my all to the work that I’m doing.



Thank you, I found this really helpful. Some strategies also potentially really useful for ASD.

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