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In this podcast Professor David Olds talks to freelance journalist Jo Carlowe about his career, attachment and the work of Family Nurse Partnership.

David is Professor of Pediatrics and Director, Prevention Research Center for Family and Child Health, University of Colorado Department of Pediatrics, talks to freelance journalist Jo Carlowe about his career and the Family-Nurse Partnership.

David is the Keynote Speaker at the Emanuel Miller Memorial Lecture and National Conference – ‘Attachment & Early Intervention: Improving emotional wellbeing and relationships in the family, and at school.’

The title of his talk is ‘Using Randomized Clinical Trials of the Family-Nurse Partnership to Inform Policy, Practice, and Developmental Science.’

David says of his discussion: ‘I will use our experience in developing, testing, and replicating the Nurse-Family Partnership to address the following questions. How can we design early parental interventions to maximize their likelihood of working? How can we design research to build a strong evidence-base for early-intervention? How can we scale evidence-based early interventions to maximize their societal impact?’

You can listen to this podcast on SoundCloud or iTunes.

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