In Conversation… Trauma and ACE’s with Dan Johnson

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Dan Johnson, Clinical Director of Kibble a special intervention service supporting children at risk, talks to freelance journalist Jo Carlowe about trauma and ACE’s.

The relationship between ACE’s and the later development of health-harming behaviours, mental health issues and chronic disease noted by both anecdotal experience of Dan and supported by clinical research implies the great need for intervention. Dan and Jo discuss trauma-informed care, the impact of the ACE’s framework on clinical practice and government policy and the difference between adversity and trauma.

They also touch upon Kibble’s work, and as the chair of ACAMH’s Scottish Branch their goals to spread knowledge on children and young people’s mental health and provide CPD training.

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Dan Johnson

A forensic psychologist and Clinical Director of Kibble education and care centre in Paisley. He has worked in in secure settings for nearly two decades and is passionate about the development and implementation of trauma and informed care. Dan is also the chair of ACAMH’s Scottish Branch.



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