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    December 2020 – The Bridge

    Welcome to the December 2020 issue of The Bridge. This year has been extremely challenging for our field, as we’ve needed to understand and address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on young people’s mental health.

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  • CAMHS services in our physically distanced world

    On March 23rd 2020, the way healthcare was provided in England had to change overnight. With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the country, CAMHS staff had to adapt to the news that they must provide routine services from home where possible and all non-urgent face-to-face contact must cease to prevent the spread of the virus.

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  • Do CAMHS collect less PROM data from certain sociodemographic groups?

    Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are routinely used to inform clinicians and policymakers on clinical need and treatment efficacy. Yet despite their great value and utility, it seems that there is a low rate of outcome monitoring in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

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  • Dr. Jessica Schleider

    Dr. Jessica Schleider ‘Single sessions, scalable impact’ – In Conversation

    In her work Dr. Jessica Schleider tries to break down the barriers that prevent young people from reaching services, whilst providing accessible interventions to help reduce mental health problems that scale. She does this through her research, testing novel approaches to dissemination in non-traditional settings. Includes transcript.

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  • Dr. Andrew Beck

    Dr. Andrew Beck ‘CAMHS, COVID19, and CBT’ – In Conversation

    Dr. Beck is the President Elect of BABCP, taking the position in July 2020 and he talks about his hopes for the future of the organisation, the importance of self-care, CAMHS, and why CBT is his intervention of choice.

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  • Where is the I in CAMHS?

    “As we enter Infant Mental Health Awareness Week, I argue that policymakers, commissioners and service providers must start thinking infant, children and young people’s mental health.”

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  • A day in the life of a Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner

    CWPs deliver low-intensity psychological interventions for mild to moderate low mood and anxiety disorders.

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  • March 2020 – The Bridge

    This edition of The Bridge features research digests on ‘FRIENDS’ and anxiety, CAMHS and technology training, OCD and anxiety, parenting, autism and more.

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  • Child mental health professionals need more technology training

    Bethany Cliffe and colleagues have surveyed 154 CAMHS professionals to understand why technology-based tools have not yet been widely adopted by CAMHS.

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  • Falling through the gap between CAMHS and AMHS

    Young people face a ‘cliff edge’ when trying to access mental health care after reaching the upper age limit of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and try to move into adult health sevices (AMHS).

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