• Juan J. Madrid-Valero

    Sub-types of insomnia in adolescents: Insights from a quantitative/molecular twin study

    Open Access paper from JCPP Advances – ‘Insomnia with short sleep duration has been postulated as more severe than that accompanied by normal/long sleep length. While the short duration subtype is considered to have greater genetic influence than the other subtype, no studies have addressed this question’. Juan J. Madrid-Valero (pic) et al.

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  • JCPP Editorial: Volume 64, Issue 02, February 2023

    Editorial: ‘Therapies for mental health difficulties: finding the sweet spot between standardization and personalization’ by Alice M. Gregory, Martin K. Rutter, Juan J. Madrid-Valero, Sophie D. Bennett, Roz Shafran, Daniel J. Buysse.

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