• Teacher teaching Teenage Students Wearing Uniform

    ‘Self Harm – Pedagogy in Practice’ (recording)

    ACAMH is delighted to have teamed up with the Chartered College of Teaching to present ‘Self Harm – Pedagogy in Practice’.

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    Free Virtual Issue

    Limited edition Virtual Issue available to access free of charge until 31 October 2022.

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  • Dr. Dennis Ougrin

    Understanding Self-harm & Suicide – Ask the Expert (recording)

    For this teachers and education professional session welcomed Professor Dennis Ougrin to share his knowledge and insights into self-harm and suicide; specifically exploring the complexity around this phenomenon, by providing data on prevalence, risk factors and strategies for support.

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  • Professor Dennis Ougrin

    Understanding Self-Harm

    TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware that this blog discusses self-harm, including personal experiences of self-harm. It is estimated that between 10%-20% of all people self-harm at some point during their lifetime. It is hard to gather exact figures due to the stigma surrounding self-harm, and because people try to hide their wounds, scars and bruises. Watch this 8-minute film to understand more.

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  • Nip in the Bud

    How isolation and secrecy fuel the self-harm flames

    During Mental Health Awareness month in May 2022 – focused on the role of loneliness – Nip in the Bud listened to experts and those who have been through it to understand the vicious cycle of trying to cope alone. (TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware that this blog discusses self-harm, including personal experiences of self-harm.) This blog was published by Nip in the Bud on 27 May 2022.

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  • self harm image of teen, not self harming

    NICE guidelines for self-harm: a new school of thought

    New NICE guidelines for the management of self-harm in the UK emphasise the important role of non-specialists. In this article, Holly Crudgington and Dennis Ougrin discuss this guidance, focusing on the new advice for schools and its implications.

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  • Dr. Cornelius Ani

    CAMH Editorial: Volume 26, Issue 4, November 2021

    Supporting children and young people (CYP) who self-harm (SH) is an important work of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). This theme is reflected throughout this issue.

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  • Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian

    Self-harm & Self-Injury – Episode. 9 ‘Autism a parents guide’

    For this podcast, focusing on autistic children who harm themselves, we are joined by Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian, and Dr. Penny Williams. This podcast is supported by Clinical Partners.

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  • Conflating risk and mental illness

    In this thoughtful article, a young person, Anna, reflects on her experience of risk being conflated with mental illness in child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), highlighting crucial lessons for clinicians, commissioners, and policy makers.

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  • Aureliane Pierret

    Literature review of support tools for school staff to respond to CYP self‐harm – CAMHS around the Campfire recording

    A review of literature of support tools for school staff to respond to CYP self‐harm, with the focus on Aureliane Pierret (pic), Dr. Joanna Anderson, Professor Tamsin Ford, and Dr. Anne‐Marie Burn, CAMH paper ‘Review: Education and training interventions, and support tools for school staff to adequately respond to young people who disclose self‐harm – a systematic literature review of effectiveness, feasibility and acceptability.’ ACAMH members can now receive a CPD certificate for watching this recorded lecture.

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