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    An Increasing Concern: Improving Self-Harm and Self-Injury Awareness

    If you or a person you know is struggling with their mental health, please seek support by accessing the helplines and resources provided by the NHS website. For those outside the UK please use an internet search to find an organisation that can offer direct support.

    1 March is globally recognised as Self-Harm and Self-Injury Awareness Day and serves as an opportunity to raise awareness, encourage an understanding, and promote more conversations around the topic of self-harm and self-injury. We encourage you to explore the learning opportunities available on our website and do please share with your networks and colleagues.

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    Self-harm Behaviours and Loneliness: Insights from the OxWell Student Survey

    TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware that this podcast explores themes around the topic of self-harm.

    The ‘Insights from the OxWell Student Survey‘ series is a new mini-in conversation series that will explore the OxWell study and the impact of its findings for parents, teachers, policymakers and mental health professionals.

    In this episode, Dr. Galit Geulayov and Dr. Rohan Borschmann comment on the findings from the OxWell survey regarding self-harm behaviours as well as informal and formal support for adolescents who self-harm.

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  • Dr. Alessio Bellato

    Evidence Synthesis Studies, and Autonomic Dysregulation and Self-injurious Thoughts and Behaviour

    In this Papers Podcast, Dr. Alessio Bellato discusses his JCPP Advances Special Issue Editorial ‘Evidence-based child and adolescent mental health care: The role of high-quality and transparently reported evidence synthesis studies’.

    Alessio also co-authored a Research Review paper in the Special Issue entitled ‘Autonomic dysregulation and self-injurious thoughts and behaviours in children and young people: A systematic review and meta-analysis’, which will also be discussed.

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  • jcpp advances

    JCPP Advances 2023 Special Issue – ‘Evidence-based Synthesis Studies for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conditions’

    September sees the release of the JCPP Advances 2023 Special Issue on ‘Evidence-based Synthesis Studies for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conditions’, edited by Professor Henrik Larsson, Dr. Marco Solmi, Professor Guilherme Polanczyk, Professor Seena Fazel, Dr. Cinzia Del Giovane and Dr. Ioana Cristea.

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  • Jocelyn Meza

    Common Elements in Treatments for Youth Suicide Attempts and Self-harm

    (TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware that this podcast explores themes around the topics of self-harm and suicide.)

    In this Papers Podcast, Dr. Jocelyn Meza discusses her co-authored JCPP paper ‘Practitioner Review: Common elements in treatments for youth suicide attempts and self-harm – a practitioner review based on review of treatment elements associated with intervention benefits’. Jocelyn is the lead author.

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  • Professor Michael Kaess

    Michael Kaess is Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Bern as well as the Director of the University Hospital of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Bern in Switzerland. Professor Kaess is a Joint Editor of CAMH. 

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  • Professor Kapil Sayal

    Kapil Sayal  is Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Honorary Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at the University of Nottingham. He is an Associate Editor of CAMH, responsible for the Technology Matters section. 

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  • Dr. Britt Morthorst

    The TEENS randomised feasibility trial: Internet based intervention for non-suicidal self-injury in adolescents

    In this Papers Podcast, senior researcher Dr. Britt Morthorst discusses her JCPP Advances paper ‘Internet based intervention (Emotion Regulation Individual Therapy for Adolescents) as add-on to treatment as usual versus treatment as usual for non-suicidal self-injury in adolescent outpatients: The TEENS randomised feasibility trial’.

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    ‘Suicide and self-harm; The Research, The Evidence, The Interventions’ Emanuel Miller Memorial International Online Conference

    Delegates Only. A critical topic that all those working in the field of child and adolescent mental health should know about. Learn about the latest research, the different types of interventions, and the evidence base that supports this.

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  • Marica Leone

    Melatonin use and the risk of self-harm and unintentional injuries in youths with and without psychiatric disorders

    Open Access paper from the JCPP – ‘This study investigated whether melatonin, which is the most common medication for sleep disturbances in youth in Sweden, is associated with a decreased risk of injury. Analyses were stratified by sex, injury type, psychiatric comorbidities and age at melatonin-treatment initiation’. Marica Leone (pic) et al.

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