The TEENS randomised feasibility trial: Internet based intervention for non-suicidal self-injury in adolescents

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In this Papers Podcast, senior researcher Dr. Britt Morthorst discusses her JCPP Advances paper ‘Internet based intervention (Emotion Regulation Individual Therapy for Adolescents) as add-on to treatment as usual versus treatment as usual for non-suicidal self-injury in adolescent outpatients: The TEENS randomised feasibility trial’ (

Britt is the first author of the paper.

There is an overview of the paper, methodology, key findings, and implications for practice.

Discussion points include;

  • What is the usual treatment for adolescents presenting with non-suicidal self-injury?
  • What is ‘Emotion Regulation Individual Therapy for Adolescents’, and how does it differ from treatment as usual?
  • What does the Emotion Regulation Individual Therapy for Adolescents consist of?
  • Will internet-based Emotion Regulation Individual Therapy for Adolescents be a valuable additional to treatment as usual for adolescents engaging with non-suicidal self-injury?

In this series, we speak to authors of papers published in one of ACAMH’s three journals. These are The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry (JCPP)The Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) journal; and JCPP Advances.

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Dr. Britt Morthorst
Dr. Britt Morthorst

Dr. Britt Morthorst is an Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine in the Faculty of Health, at the University of Copenhagen, and a member of the Danish Research Institute for Suicide Prevention. Britt is also a Senior Researcher in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in the Capital Region, Denmark, with an interest in investigating self-harm and self-injury. Since 2007, Britt worked in adult psychiatry suicide prevention, and this is where great parts of her work was conducted. However, in 2018, Britt transferred to child and adolescent psychiatry and has found this work to be very meaningful.

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