COVID19 Resources on Child & Adolescent Mental Health

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Take a look at this growing page of evidence-based resources, research and advice in relation to COVID19’s effect on child and adolescent mental health. As the landscape changes stay up to date with the rise of remote interventions, research and analysis of the impacts of lockdown and practical tips from leaders in the field.


Dr. Maria Loades ‘COVID19 and social isolation, school-based interventions, and CBT’ – In Converstaion

Dr. Andrew Beck ‘CAMHS, COVID19, and CBT’ – In Conversation

In Conversation… Prof. Sam Cortese on ADHD, Coh-fit study

Coronavirus, and helping children with autism – Episode 4 ‘Autism, a parents guide’ with Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian and Dr. Marianna Murin

Dr Jon Goldin on the coronavirus and child mental health


Largest study into impact of pandemic on global communities

Allowing young children to play with their friends must be prioritised as soon as possible when lockdown is eased

Helping parents and teachers deal with apprehension and anxiety when returning to school

Some simple steps to using principles from Behavioural Activation to improve the mood of Children and Families who are at home and self-isolating

Helping parents manage challenging behaviour during the COVID19 lockdown – Some pointers for practitioners

Papers & Research

Editorial Perspective: COVID‐19 pandemic‐related psychopathology in children and adolescents with mental illness

Take part in ‘COHFIT’ – the largest mental & physical wellbeing survey on COVID19

Debate: Exposing the most serious infirmity–racism’s impact on health in the era of COVID‐19

Debate: Facing uncertainty with(out) a sense of control – cultural influence on adolescents’ response to the COVID‐19 pandemic

Debate: Lessons learned in lockdown – a one‐day remotely delivered training on low‐intensity psychological interventions for common mental health conditions

Debate: COVID‐19 and psychological well‐being of children and adolescents in Italy


Les Lawrence ‘To what extent will positive mental health, economic and emotional wellbeing of families, and children and young people, be considered in the re-opening of schools?’

Roy Broadfield ‘Parental Engagement, home learning and educating in an unprecedented landscape…’

Professor Tamsin Ford CBE – ‘Supporting children’s mental health as schools re-open’

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