Creating Hope Through Action – Suicide Prevention, A Priority For All

Suicide is a major public health concern and is considered, globally, as one of the leading causes of death in children and young people (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, 2020). Since 2013, data suggests that suicide rates have risen among younger males aged 10-14, and among females across all ages (RCPCH, 2020) within the United Kingdom.

Whilst over 700,000 people lose their life to suicide around the world every year, it is estimated that, globally, suicide among young people, ages 15-29 years old, accounts for one third of all suicides (WHO, 2021; Campisi, 2020). Whilst rates of youth suicide vary across countries, suicidal thoughts and behaviours appear to be highly prevalent during adolescents (Meza, 2023; Lannoy, 2022). According to O’Reilly et al. (2020), suicide ideation and behaviour appears to significantly increase during puberty, with approximately 12% of adolescents experiencing suicidal ideation. Within the United Kingdom, over 1,800 young people under the age of 35 took their lives in 2018 and, on average, over five young people take their lives each day (PAPYRUS, 2023).

World Suicide Prevention Day (10 September) is a fantastic opportunity to encourage an understanding and increase awareness of suicide prevention and make suicide prevention a priority.

With the triennial theme (2021 – 2023) for the World Suicide Prevention Day being “Creating Hope Through Action”, we encourage you to explore the learning opportunities available on our website and do please share with your networks and colleagues.


Topic Guides


  • NEW Podcast ‘Common Elements in Treatments for Youth Suicide Attempts and Self-harm’ with Dr. Jocelyn Meza
  • Podcast ‘Associated Brain Alterations and Future Suicide Ideation in Female Adolescents and Young Adults with Mood Disorders’ with Lejla Colic and Dr. Hilary Blumberg
  • Podcast ‘Emotional Dysregulation, Disordered Eating, and Self-harm: Associations and Mediating Pathways’ with Dr. Naomi Warne and Dr. Helen Bould
  • Podcast ‘Sleep and Daily Suicidal Ideation Among High-Risk Adolescents and Young Adults’ with Dr. Jessica Hamilton and Dr. Peter Franzen
  • Podcast ‘Suicidal Ideation During Adolescence: Genetic Liability & Negative Life Events’ with Dr. Séverine Lannoy

Lectures, talks and discussions

  • Webinar ‘JCPP Advances 2023 Lectures ‘What the research tells us; Anxiety, Neurodiversity, Suicide, and Genetics’’ with Professor Henrik Larsson, Professor Thalia Eley, Dr. Lucy A. Livingston, Dr. Polly Waite, Dr. Pablo Vidal-Ribas, and Dr. Aja Murray 
  • Webinar ‘Understanding Self-harm & Suicide – Ask the Expert’ with Professor Dennis Ougrin
  • Webinar ‘Suicide in children and young people: Everyone’s concern’ with Maria Dale, Ainsley McGoldrick, and Julie Metcalfe

Blogs and articles

  • Policy Review ‘NICE guidelines for self-harm: a new school of thought’ by Holly Crudgington and Dennis Ougrin

Open Access papers from ACAMH journals

  • JCPP Research Review ‘The effect of school-based suicide prevention on suicidal ideation and suicide attempts and the role of intervention and contextual factors among adolescents: a meta-analysis and meta-regression’, (2022). Eibhlin H. Walsh et al.
  • Featured Paper from the CAMH journal ‘Review: Crisis responses for children and young people – a systematic review of effectiveness, experiences and service organisation (CAMH-Crisis)’, (2023). Deborah Edwards, et al. 
  • Featured Paper from the CAMH journal ‘Review: Interventions to prevent or manage self-harm among students in educational settings – a systematic review’, (2023). Rasanat Fatima Nawaz et al.
  • Featured Paper from the CAMH journal ‘A qualitative study of young people’s lived experiences of suicide and self-harm: intentionality, rationality and authenticity’, (2023). Hazel Marzetti et al.
  • Featured Paper from the JCPP ‘Suicidal ideation during adolescence: The roles of aggregate genetic liability for suicide attempts and negative life events in the past year’, (2022). Séverine Lannoy et al.
  • Featured Paper from the JCPP ‘Emotional dysregulation in childhood and disordered eating and self-harm in adolescence: prospective associations and mediating pathways’, (2022). Naomi Warne et al.
  • Featured Paper from the JCPP ‘Research Review: Viewing self-harm images on the internet and social media platforms: systematic review of the impact and associated psychological mechanisms’, (2023). Karima Susi et al.
  • Featured Paper from the JCPP ‘Mortality risk following self-harm in young people: a population cohort study using the Northern Ireland Registry of Self-Harm’, (2023). Emma Ross et al.
  • Featured Paper from the JCPP ‘Sleep influences daily suicidal ideation through affective reactivity to interpersonal events among high-risk adolescents and young adults’, (2022). Jessica L. Hamilton et al.
  • Featured Paper from JCPP Advances ‘Brain grey and white matter structural associations with future suicidal ideation and behaviors in adolescent and young adult females with mood disorders’, (2022). Lejla Colic et al.
  • Featured Paper from JCPP Advances ‘Research Review: Autonomic dysregulation and self-injurious thoughts and behaviours in children and young people: A systematic review and meta-analysis’, (2023). Alessio Bellato et al. 

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