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Join Dr Dennis Ougrin as he discusses growing up in the Soviet Union and the role of psychiatry there and choosing to develop a career in psychiatry, as well as his recent appointment as Editor-in-Chief of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and the future of the journal.

A specialist in self-harm and suicide, he emphasises the importance of early intervention and prevention, as well as the potential of Therapeutic Assesssment, a novel model of assessment for young people with self-harm ahead of his upcoming Self Harm Masterclass.

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Dr. Dennis Ougrin

Professor Ougrin graduated from a medical school in Ukraine in 1998 and came to the Maudsley hospital in the UK to undertake his post-graduate training in child and adolescent psychiatry. He worked as a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist establishing and leading intensive community care services at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. He also led the MSc in Child and Adolescent Mental Health at King’s College London and acted as the Chief Investigator of major NIHR, MRC and charity-funded studies in the field of self-harm and intensive community care services. In 2018-2020 Professor Ougrin was the Editor-in-Chief of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, a key clinical journal in child and adolescent psychiatry, psychology and allied disciplines. In September 2021 he was appointed to lead the Youth Resilience Research Unit at Queen Mary University of London.

Professor Ougrin leads a programme of global mental health studies aimed at developing community mental health services in Ukraine and other Low- and Middle-Income Countries. His main professional interests include the prevention of Borderline Personality Disorder and effective interventions for self-harm in young people. Professor Ougrin is the author of Therapeutic Assessment, a novel model of assessment for young people with self-harm. He also developed and tested an Intensive Community Care Service model for young people with severe psychiatric disorders called Supported Discharge Service. The model was evaluated in the first randomised controlled trial of an intensive community care service for young people in the UK. The results of the trial informed the development of intensive community care services in the UK and internationally. Dr Ougrin has expertise in conducting randomised controlled trials in the fields of psychological therapy and mental health service models.

Professor Ougrin also works on developing modular psychotherapeutic interventions for self-harm and on understanding the pathophysiology of self-harm in young people. He has been a positive force on the ACAMH board and won the ‘David Cottrell Award for the Education of CAMH Professionals’ in the 2021 ACAMH awards.

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