It’s cold outside, but it’s been a hot year for ACAMH Publications Team

Hope this finds you all well and in the midst of festive cheer!

At ACAMH HQ, unlike last year, no silly jumpers or indulgent treats rather it’s hot drinks and hot topics – Oh I don’t mean Brexit…

The Open access movement has been active for quite some time, however the recent formation of cOAlition S and the resultant PlanS has galvanised the movement. These developments in the publishing landscape have been hotly debated here at the ACAMH HQ and we are carefully following.

Clarivate’s list of highly cited researchers of 2018 has been announced. The hot list of brilliant scientific minds – if you like!  – The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry’s current Editor-in-Chief, many past editors and current editorial board members feature in this list. We are incredibly proud and grateful to have some of the most influential scientific minds leading and guiding the journal. No wonder JCPP is now ranked number one in Developmental Psychology!

The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry turns 60 in 2019 and we are eagerly looking forward to the anniversary celebrations. We are proud and humbled by the support we have received from across the research community and others. I invite you to get involved with celebrations through online activities. It is sure going to be a hotbed for lively, informative, scientific discussions!

Our website is brimming with easily accessible, evidence based, scientific content. The Topic Guides and the Research Digests are proving very popular. The research summaries are right off the hot press!

This year some of our esteemed editors stepped down at the end of their terms and we welcomed some new. We bid a warm farewell and a warm welcome!

And to make an end is to make a beginning – to quote TS Eliot

Wish you a restful break and a Happy New Year from the ACAMH Publications Team

Prahba Choubina

Prabha Choubina, Publications Director

Tim Colebrook

Tim Colebrook, Editorial Assistant

Louie Sandys

Louie Sandys, Editorial Assistant


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