• pupils and teacher smiling in class

    The ACAMH story, the Board…

    From its earliest inception ACAMH has attracted a diverse range of professions and individuals – all with the shared aim of improving the mental health of children and young people. Its current board reflects that more than ever with an eclectic mix of clinicians and academics who have spent their careers working to help some of the most vulnerable in our society.

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  • In Conversation

    In Conversation… Fussy Eating

    Many parents naturally worry whether their child is getting enough food if they refuse to eat sometimes. It would appear to be normal for young children to refuse to eat or even taste new foods but what is the science and evidence behind this? Are there interventions that parents can take?

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  • How does my lived experience inform my nursing practice?

    “Being a CAMHS nurse allows me to be creative and to try to incorporate the most memorable care I received into my practice.”

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  • Beat – helping those affected by eating disorder

    Beat is the UK’s eating disorder charity, and is a champion, guide and friend to all affected by these serious mental illnesses.

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  • Gordon Harold

    The Olympics’ loss is psychology’s gain

    Discover what was Professor Gordon Harold’s somewhat unlikely start in psychology.

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  • Guest Blog

    Loneliness and relationships in young people

    Dr Farhana Mann and Dr Francesca Solmi write about research on isolation and loneliness in young people and how it affects their mental health.

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  • JCPP – recent impact factor and rankings

    “I am delighted for the members of the Association of Child & Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) and everyone connected with the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry – the journal is now ranked first in Developmental Psychology internationally in the recent impact factor tables.”

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  • Just one of the challenges for paediatricians

    Before getting involved with ACAMH Max said he was wary of joining a “talking shop” but saw immediately that the organisation was active in engaging the broader mental health community.

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  • Prof. Lionel Hersov, Editor of JCPP 1963-83, passes away

    Prof. Lionel Hersov, who was editor of JCPP from 1963-1983, passed away recently. In his role as its editor, which spanned two decades, he was the driving force behind the development of the journal. The JCPP team fondly remembers his great contribution. Prof. Patricia Howlin, King’s College London, recalls, “I had the pleasure of working […]

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  • edmund sonuga-barke

    From punk rock to academic heavyweight

    While at university Edmund became fascinated by behaviourist approaches to psychology which bring together philosophy, methodology and psychological theory.

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