‘CAMHS around the campfire’ – Sleep, anxiety, and depression

Matt Kempen
Marketing Manager for ACAMH

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‘CAMHS around the Campfire’, is our a free live online journal club.

This session was recorded on Thursday 10 December, details about it can be found this event can be found at the event landing page, and please visit our Events page for details of upcoming sessions.


  • Slides from the session
  • Open Access JCPP paper by Dr. Faith Orchard and colleagues; Orchard, F., Gregory, A.M., Gradisar, M. & Reynolds, S. (2020), Self‐reported sleep patterns and quality amongst adolescents: cross‐sectional and prospective associations with anxiety and depression. J. Child Psychol. Psychiatr. https://doi.org/10.1111/jcpp.13288
  • Sleep expert Professor Colin Espie’s blog on the paper.
  • Dr. Faith Orchard video abstract 5 minute video abstract
  • Dr. Faith Orchard discusses the paper in this 10 minute podcast,
  • We have a research digest of this paper plus a whole section of research disgests on Sleep
  • All ACAMH content on sleep can be found via this search
  • Related Mental Elf content on sleep

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