Emotional wellbeing tips for the classroom

Matt Kempen
Marketing Manager for ACAMH

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The charity Nip in the Bud works with mental health professionals to produce short films and fact sheets to help parents, primary school teachers and others caring for and working with children to recognise potential mental health conditions. Their goal is to increase the prospects of early intervention and to reduce the risks of those conditions becoming more serious in later years.

They have just released seven films, on average 4 minutes long. These clear and informative films are presented by newsreader Sian Williams. They provide easy-to-use tips and guidance for teachers who have vulnerable children in their classroom who might be showing signs of a mental health condition or already have a formal diagnosis.

Find more information for teachers or view and download our Practical Tips for Teachers fact sheet, written by Headteacher and Educational Consultant Alis Rocca, with useful strategies for the classroom.


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