The role nutrition can play in mood and behaviour – recording

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This webinar is an essential introduction to understanding of the role that nutrition can play in mood and behaviour. In recent years, the relationships between nutrition and mental health have gained considerable interest. The concept of ‘Nutritional Psychiatry’ is emerging field for example how nutrients can influence mood disorders, and how this in turn could be use to improve overall wellbeing.

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About the talk

The ACAMH Scottish Branch are delighted to offer this webinar which will focus on the role nutrition can play in mood and behaviour. This is a topic that is of great interest and debate to professionals, parents and carers. The brevity of the sessions aims to have a high audience who otherwise be too busy to attend a full day. This is a quick and accessible input for a wide audience who have pressures on their time.

David Rex Specialist Dietitian for Highland Council. ‘The role nutrition can play in mood and behaviour. An introduction into the bidirectional relationship between children’s mood and their food choices; with specific reference to the challenges of influencing selective and avoidant eaters on the Austistic spectrum.’ Dave will draw on his extensive experience in Food Policy and as a Specialist Dietitian, to help delegates better understand why children choose the food they do, and what can be done to influence this in schools and at home. This will include an exploration of the cultural, financial, and psychological factors influencing children’s food choices, family food culture, and parenting strategies related to food. There will also be reference to the possible impact of food choices on mood, behaviour and learning in the short, medium and long term.

Key learning points

  • To learn about the impact of poor nutrition on children’s mood, learning and behaviour.
  • To understand and respect how and why family food culture is so inconsistent with good nutrition.
  • To gain awareness of how well intentioned efforts to influence food preferences at school and at home can make things worse.
  • To learn what kinds of nutritional approaches in school are likely to be safe and have the potential to be helpful.
  • To gain some understanding of realistic outcomes in dietetic interventions with avoidant and selectuve eaters.

About the Speaker

David Rex
David Rex

Dave Rex has been a dietitian working both in public health and providing Dietetic support for children on the Autistic spectrum or ADHD in Highland for 19 years. He previously worked as a Food Policy Advisor for Sandwell Health Authority, and as a Dietitian in Sandwell and Nottingham. Prior to working in Dietetics he worked in technical services in the crisp and snack industry. He has a deree in Chemistry & Food Science, a post graduate diploma in nutrition and dietetics, and a masters in Food Policy. He spends most of his spare time cooking and eating good food and walking and cycling in the Highlands.


This was such an excellent talk. Everything I expected and more. Really comprehensive coverage of the topic with such thoughtful clinical insights.

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