Young people’s online communication and its association with mental well-being

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Watch this video abstract from Rebecca Anthony on her CAMH 2023 Special Issue paper ‘Young people’s online communication and its association with mental well-being: results from the 2019 student health and well-being survey’.

Authors; Rebecca Anthony, Honor Young, Gillian Hewitt, Luke Sloan, Graham Moore, Simon Murphy, Steven Cook

First published: 16 November 2022

Open Access paper

Rebecca Anthony
Rebecca Anthony

I am currently a research associate for DECIPHer (Centre for Development, Evaluation, Complexity and Implementation in Public Health Improvement) and the Wolfson Centre for Young People’s Mental Health, based at Cardiff University. My role involves conducting public health improvement research within the fields of child and adolescent development, mental health, social care and education. I support the development of peer-reviewed publications and government reports using data generated by the School Health Research Network (SHRN). My research interests are in the area of improving outcomes for children and young people, with a focus on those who have experienced care.

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