CAMH Editorial: Volume 20, Issue 3, September 2015

Tim Colebrook
Editorial Assistant at ACAMH

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Editorial: Evidence-guided interventions and optimising outcomes in routine clinical care of children and young people’s mental health

Kapil Sayal


This Editorial reflects on several articles in this issue of the journal that focus on evidence-based interventions in routine clinical care. In particular, it highlights the approaches advocated in the review by Bearman & Weisz into overcoming barriers to the implementation of research findings into routine clinical care: conceptually unified treatments that acknowledge the overlap and comorbidity between presenting problems; modular approaches to co-ordinate and combine treatment approaches to improve the fit for young people presenting with multiple problems; and approaches to monitoring and feedback of progress and outcomes to aid clinical review and decision-making. Issues of access, stigma and measurement of meaningful outcomes in routine clinical practice are also considered.

We hope you enjoy the full editorial of this issue, which is free in the Wiley Online Library.

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