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    Children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health also often struggle with their sleep. Indeed disrupted or altered sleep has been associated with most psychiatric disorders (Gregory & Sadeh, 2016). Although a range of sleep difficulties can co-occur with mental health problems, a common difficulty is insomnia. As such this guidance will primarily focus on difficulties with getting to sleep and staying asleep.

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  • Dr. Thomas Frazier

    Categorical versus Dimensional Structure of Autism

    In this Papers Podcast, Dr. Tom Frazier discusses his JCPP Advances paper ‘Categorical versus dimensional structure of autism spectrum disorder: A multi-method investigation’. Tom is the first author of the paper.

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  • Fiona Challacombe

    Paternal Perinatal Stress and its Impact on Infants and Children

    In this Papers Podcast, Dr. Fiona Challacombe discusses her JCPP paper ‘Paternal perinatal stress is associated with children’s emotional problems at 2 years’. Fiona is the first author of the paper.

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  • Dr. Nicole Papadopoulos

    Dr. Nicole Papadopoulos is a Senior research fellow and Clinical Psychologist in the School of Educational Psychology and Counselling, Monash University. She is an Associate Editor of CAMH.

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  • Covid-19’s impact on Loneliness and Mental Health: A Study of Schizotypal Traits and Paranoia

    The Covid pandemic lockdown has affected us differently, with some people being impacted more than others. Extensive research has indicated that lockdowns – which broadly include isolation measures, such as, in the UK, being required to stay at home unless for essential reasons – have disproportionately impacted individuals with higher levels of paranoia.

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  • Dr. Meinou Simmons

    Supporting Children and Young People’s Mental Health – An insight for Parents, Caregivers and Teachers

    In this ‘In Conversation’ podcast, Dr. Mei Simmons discusses some of the factors that affect children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing and provides an overview of her recently published book ‘A Guide to the Mental Health of Children and Young People: Q and A for Parents, Caregivers and Teachers’.

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  • Lejla Colic

    Associated Brain Alterations and Future Suicide Ideation in Female Adolescents and Young Adults with Mood Disorders

    In this Papers Podcast, Lejla Colic and Dr. Hilary Blumberg discuss their co-authored JCPP Advances paper ‘Brain grey and white matter structural associations with future suicidal ideation and behaviors in adolescent and young adult females with mood disorders’.

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  • Dr. Nikhil Childhary

    What can we learn from hunter-gatherers about children’s mental health?

    In this Papers Podcast, Dr. Nikhil Chaudhary and Dr. Annie Swanepoel discuss their co-authored JCPP paper ‘Editorial Perspective: What can we learn from hunter-gatherers about children’s mental health? An evolutionary perspective’.

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  • Autism Acceptance Week 2023

    Autism Resources Update

    This World Autism Acceptance Week (27 March to 2 April 2023), we have collated a number of FREE learning resources from leading academics, clinicians, and researchers to build upon our previous catalogue of resources for World Autism Acceptance Week 2022. 

    We encourage you to explore the learning opportunities available on our website, sign up for our fantastic upcoming events below, and do share with your networks.

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  • Bipolar_masterclass

    Bipolar Masterclass ‘Updates on assessment, monitoring, and treatment’ (recording)

    Delegates only. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Rasim Somer Diler to offer this Bipolar Spectrum Masterclass ‘Updates on assessment, monitoring, and treatment’.

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  • Looked after child getting a hug

    Trauma and Looked After Children – recording

    The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, in collaboration with Child and Family Training (C&FT) and Improved Futures (IF) present a series of Briefing Seminars on ‘Dealing with distress, restoring well-being, and promoting resilience of Looked After Children and young people who have suffered extensive trauma’. Our goal is to help Looked After Services, Social Workers, […]

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