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    Children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health also often struggle with their sleep. Indeed disrupted or altered sleep has been associated with most psychiatric disorders (Gregory & Sadeh, 2016). Although a range of sleep difficulties can co-occur with mental health problems, a common difficulty is insomnia. As such this guidance will primarily focus on difficulties with getting to sleep and staying asleep.

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  • Dr. Joey Frederick

    Prospective association between evening circadian preference and academic functioning in adolescents: the role of daytime sleepiness

    Open Access paper from the JCPP – “There is growing evidence for the role of circadian factors in adolescents’ sleep and academic adjustment, with greater evening preference being linked to poorer academic functioning. However, studies have yet to evaluate this association prospectively in adolescence, nor have studies examined daytime sleepiness as a putative mechanism linking evening preference to poor academic functioning”. Joseph W. Fredrick (pic) et al.

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  • The DSM-5 criteria for DMDD overlook children with context-specific impairing irritability

    Impairing irritability is common in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but little is known about its prevalence across contexts. Now, data from a study recently published in Child and Adolescent Mental Health have shed light on the prevalence of context-specific irritability in ADHD and how it varies depending on parenting practices and sleep problems.

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  • July 2020 – The Bridge

    In this issue, we summarise recent studies on a wide range of topics – including sleep, sensory symptoms, emotional symptoms, disinhibition, alcohol misuse, complex PTSD symptoms, and self-harm – which reveal new insights helping us to better understand and address psychopathology in young people.

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  • Would delaying the school day prevent anxiety in adolescents?

    A new study published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry has investigated whether sleep duration and regularity might link stressful life events to anxiety and depression symptoms.

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  • December 2019 issue – The Bridge

    Summaries include; if parental consanguinity predicts the severity of Autistic symptoms; study the transmission of intergenerational anxiety in families; systematic review into the effectiveness of available interventions to treat PTSD; the efficacy of teacher assessments vs exams to assess performance in UK schools; relationship between intolerance of uncertainty and extreme demand avoidance in young people with Autism; and how fluctuations in external environmental noise affect the developing Autonomic Nervous System in babies.

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  • Juliette Kennedy

    December 2019 The Bridge Editorial

    It has been 2 years since The Bridge was relaunched in its current form. Each monthly themed edition publishes summaries of selected papers from the ACAMH journals – JCPP and CAMH – and occasionally features guest research digests. Over the past two years we have covered a huge range of topics and published over 170 research summaries and counting.

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  • Sleep and Mental Health

    Sleep difficulties are common in children and adolescents, especially in some high-risk groups, such as young people with developmental difficulties or mental health problems. Clinicians working in paediatric or child mental health settings need an understanding of sleep disorders. It is important to know how sleep disturbance impacts on a young person’s physical and cognitive […]

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  • jcpp advances

    JCPP Advances 2023 Special Issue – ‘Evidence-based Synthesis Studies for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conditions’

    September sees the release of the JCPP Advances 2023 Special Issue on ‘Evidence-based Synthesis Studies for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conditions’, edited by Professor Henrik Larsson, Dr. Marco Solmi, Professor Guilherme Polanczyk, Professor Seena Fazel, Dr. Cinzia Del Giovane and Dr. Ioana Cristea.

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  • JCPP Advances

    JCPP Advances: Volume 3, Issue 02, June 2023

    JCPP Advances June 2023 Issue is now available to read.

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  • Dr. Anne-Laura van Harmelen

    ‘Resilience – a complexity science approach’ Professor Anne-Laura Van Harmelen – ‘In Conversation’

    Professor Anne-Laura Van Harmelen talks about her new appointment of Professor of Brain Safety and Resilience, the work of Risk and Resilience Group, and its work on HOPES project and RAISE Study.

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