• The Centre for Attention Learning and Memory (CALM) Approach to Neurodevelopmental Research – MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit University Of Cambridge

    Our thinking around neurodevelopmental disorders is undergoing a period of rapid change. The traditional approach, endorsed by classification systems such as the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, defines neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as distinct categories.

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  • Mood Disorders and ASD: What not to miss

    The autism community identified mental health as their top research priority in 2016.¹ Autistic children and adolescents are more likely than their general population counterparts to have psychiatric disorders.² For bipolar disorder, rates of 7% are seen in autistic children and adolescents versus 1% in their general population peers.

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  • Dr. Melissa Mulraney

    Dr. Melissa Mulraney, PhD is a lecturer and co-leader of the Child Mental Health Research Unit at the Institute for Social Neuroscience in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Mulraney is an Associate Editor of CAMH and contributes to the editorial management of the systematic reviews and meta-analyses submitted to CAMH.

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  • Dr. Tycho Dekkers

    Dr. Dekkers is Assistant Professor at the Department of Developmental Psychology of the University of Amsterdam. He also holds a research position at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University Medical Center Groningen, and works as works as a licensed therapist and coordinator of the ADHD team at Levvel, Academic Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Specialized Youthcare in Amsterdam. He is a Joint Editor of CAMH. 

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  • Professor Chris Hollis

    Chris Hollis is Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Nottingham, Director of the NIHR MindTech MedTech Co-operative and leads the NIHR Nottingham BRC Mental Health and Technology Theme. 

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  • Dr. Michael Bloch

    Michael H. Bloch, M.D., M.S. graduated from Yale School of Medicine and completed his child and adult psychiatry training at Yale.  He is currently an Associate Professor at the Yale Child Study Center.  His research focuses on evidence-based medicine and developing improved treatments for individuals with mental illness across the lifespan using clinical trials and meta-analysis

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  • Professor Scott Kollins Phd

    Professor Scott Kollins Phd

    Dr. Kollins is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine, where he has served on the faculty for more than 20 years. Dr. Kollins is the Global Lead for ADHD and Co-Lead for Digital Health Solutions at the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI).

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  • Dr. Claudia Lugo-Candelas

    ADHD and risk for subsequent adverse childhood experiences: understanding the cycle of adversity

    Video abstract by Dr. Claudia Lugo‐Candelas ‘ADHD and risk for subsequent adverse childhood experiences: understanding the cycle of adversity’.

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  • Professor Anita Thapar

    ‘ADHD, autism, and the elevated risk of later depression’ In conversation with Professor Anita Thapar

    In this podcast we talk to Professor Anita Thapar, Cardiff University. Anita talks about the relationship between disorders, such as, ADHD and autism, the elevated risk of later depression, and what is known about the mechanisms behind this association.

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  • ‘Sluggish cognitive tempo, ADHD and motivation’ In Conversation with Dr. Zoe Smith

    In this podcast, Dr. Zoe Smith, recent ACAMH awards 2020 Winner (Research) Trainee of the Year, talks about sluggish cognitive tempo, ADHD and academic motivation. Zoe tells us how she educates families about the failure cycle, and how they can find solutions for their children with ADHD. 

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