Cognitive Training

  • Bipolar debate

    In the latest edition of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) journal we have a series of papers debating Bipolar. Get involved and give us your views.

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  • Podcast with Professor David Olds

    In this podcast Professor David Olds talks to freelance journalist Jo Carlowe about his career, attachment and the work of Family Nurse Partnership.

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  • Professor Pasco Fearon

    Professor Pasco Fearon and attachment

    Professor Pasco Fearon discusses his work on attachment in this short podcast with ACAMH.

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  • Barriers to improving access to therapy treatment for tics in the UK

    The European clinical guidelines for Tourette Syndrome suggest that behavioural therapies (BT) are ‘first line treatments for tics for both children and adults’. However, according to Dr Tara Murphy and Dr Seonaid Anderson and colleagues, a barrier to delivering this in the UK is a lack of access to specialised psychologists and therapists.

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  • In Conversation… Professor Helen Minnis discusses attachment

    Professor Minnis discusses her current innovative research with the BeST? Study, which aims to find out what is the best service for young abused and neglected pre-school children coming into foster care.

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  • Sleep Edition

    This edition of The Bridge concentrates on sleep, a poignant reminder that I am editing this on a 6am train to London having shortened my own sleep cycle and feeling rather sleep deprived on this dark winter morning.

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  • Sleepiness in adolescence is associated with criminal behaviour in adulthood

    Poor sleep seems to be associated with antisocial and criminal behaviour, but the longitudinal nature of this relationship is unclear.

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  • Happy young boy

    Cognitive training

    An introduction to cognitive training approaches, including working memory training, Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) and Attentional Bias Modification Treatment (ABMT).

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