Little Treatments, BIG effects: Conversation on Single-Session Interventions – recording

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Dr. Jessica Schleider’s, Associate Professor of Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern University, Chicago, led this session on Single-Session Interventions. SSIs integrate cutting-edge psychological science, lived experience narratives and practical self-help activities to introduce a new type of therapeutic experience to audiences worldwide.

Key learning objectives

  • To understand the concept of ‘single-session interventions’ (SSIs)
  • To learn state-of-the-art research on how, why, and for whom SSIs can reduce mental health problems.
  • To identify tools and resources to apply evidence-based SSIs in real-world practice.

SlidesDr. Jessica Schleider’s

SlidesDr. Maria Loades


Open Access paper – Dr. Maria Loades and Dr. Jessica Schleider’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) journal ‘Technology Matters: Online, self-help single session interventions could expand current provision, improving early access to help for young people with depression symptoms, including minority groups‘ (

Podcast – Dr. Jessica Schleider ‘Single sessions, scalable impact’

Dr. Jessica Schleider’s Lab for Scalable Mental Health

Try any of Dr. Jessica Schleider’s SSIs for yourself via Project Yes – – just click the big red button

Learn more about Dr. Jessica Schleider’s SSIs

More information on Dr. Jessica Schleider’s Little Treatments Big Effects book

Find out more about Dr. Maria Loades programme of research

Podcast – Dr. Maria Loades Single Session Interventions: Expanding Current Provision and Improving Early Access

Podcast – Dr. Maria Loades COMET; Student Mental Health and Single-Session Interventions


About the Speakers

Dr. Jessica Schleider
Dr. Jessica Schleider PhD is a clinical psychologist, intervention scientist, and incoming Associate Professor of Medical Social Sciences at Northwestern University. She is the Founding Director of the Lab for Scalable Mental Health and an internationally-recognized leader in research on single-session interventions for youth mental health. Her professional mission is to build and disseminate scalable, evidence-based mental health solutions that bridge previously-unfillable gaps in mental health care ecosystems worldwide. Dr. Schleider has published >100 articles and book chapters. She has created or co-created seven open-access, single-session mental health programs, which have reached >35,000 teens and adults to date. Based on these programs, Dr. Schleider and her colleagues wrote a self-help workbook, The Growth Mindset Workbook for Teens. She also co-edited  the Oxford Guide to Brief and Low-Intensity Interventions for Children and Young People and wrote a nonfiction book, LITTLE TREATMENTS, BIG EFFECTS on how single-session interventions can transform mental health. (Bio from Northwestern Medicine)
Maria Loades
Dr. Maria Loades is a Reader/Clinical Tutor for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology programme at the University of Bath, UK. Maria qualified as a Clinical Psychologist from the University of East Anglia in 2008 and subsequently worked in a variety of NHS mental health services, predominantly community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). She completed a post-graduate diploma in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for children, young people and families at the Anna Freud Centre/University College London in 2013, and a Postgraduate Certificate in the Supervision of Applied Psychology Practice at the University of Oxford in 2015. Maria secured an NIHR doctoral research fellowship in 2016 to further her research into depression in paediatric fatigue. Maria subsequently held an NIHR Development and Skills Enhancement award (2022-2023), and now has an NIHR advanced fellowship (2023-2028), focusing on improving access to early help for adolescent depression symptoms. This will include testing online single session interventions as an expansion to current provision in the UK.

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