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As 2019 draws to a close and the roaring 20s approach, we’ve collated the most popular online content, from our website, of 2019. We would like to thank all of our collaborators who are helping us in ‘Sharing best evidence, improving practice’.

We ask all of you reading, listening and viewing our content, to help us, by sharing our content with your colleagues. Thank you for your continued support and interest, and being part of the advancement of child and adolescent mental health.

Top 5 Research Digests in 2019 from The Bridge

Young people’s lived experience of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – by Dr. Carly Keyes

Connecting the senses: an area of difficulty in infants later diagnosed with autism? – by Dr. Terje Falck-Ytter

Children’s Understanding of Depression – by Prof. Jo Williams, Dr. Emily Taylor, and Dr. Niki Georgakakou-Koutsonikou 

The association between anxiety and poor school attendance by Katie Finning

A mother’s touch: a key player in fine tuning the function of our genome by Professor John Quinn and Dr. Vivien Bubb

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Top 5 Podcasts in 2019

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) with Dr. Jennifer Shields and Dr. Sarah Brown

Professor Tasmin Ford the importance of schools in a child’s mental health

Professor Andrea Danese discusses Trauma

ADHD with Dr Sinead Rhodes

Neurodevelopmental Disorders, an interview with Dr Max Davie

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Top 5 Blogs in 2019

Why it’s time to ACE the way we measure the bad things that happen to children by Dr. Rebecca Lacey 

Sleep and Mental Healthby Dr. Sally Hobson

Inflammation: a key risk factor for depression? by Anna Chaplin

Links between adverse childhood experiences and self-harm by Dr. Abby Russell 

Falling through the gap between CAMHS and AMHS by Becky Appleton

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Professor Francesca Happe – Autism – ‘Future challenges for the science of child psychology and psychiatry’

‘Attachment & Early Intervention’ 2019 Emanuel Miller National Conference – Professor David Olds 

Professor Maggie Snowling – Reading and language –  ‘Future challenges for the science of child psychology and psychiatry’

Effective prevention of suicidal behaviours in adolescents – from targeted treatments to firearms restriction – Professor Lars Mehlum

Treating Self-Harm and Preventing Suicide – Professor Joan Asarnow

More lectures available here, including lectures based around the 2019 JCPP Special Issue on Suicide and Self-harm


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