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We were delighted to welcome Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian, Dr. Vicki Ford, and Dr. Charlie Tyack to discuss ‘Wellbeing, feeding, and sleep’. The Chair of this session was Dr. Max Davie. This is the second of the ‘NDC Learning Series’ aimed at health professionals who come into contact with children and young people who have Neurodevelopmental conditions (NDCs).

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Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian slides

Dr. Vicki Ford slides

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This ‘NDC Learning Series’ is aimed at health professionals who come into contact with children and young people who have Neurodevelopmental conditions (NDCs). The aim is to bring you into a conversation with specialists, covering what you can do in your own practice that covers their area of expertise, and how we can work together more effectively. This series of webinars is present by the ACAMH Neurodevelopmental SIG and is open to all.

Key takeaways

  • Practical tips around all aspects of NDC care
  • Opportunity for case discussion with experts
  • Learn how to forge and foster local partnerships across health, education, and social care, to promote better, more efficient care
  • Know what the experts would like you to have done before you refer to them!

About the speakers

Dr. Vicki Ford
Dr. Vicki Ford

Dr. Vicki Ford is a Clinical Psychologist a specialist in ASD and part of the complex feeding team at Evelina London Children’s Hospital. She’s worked in both community teams and hospital settings now she works in a multidisciplinary team taking referrals from paediatricians primarily in the south-east of England.

About the talk on ‘Thinking about feeding difficulties in the context of neurodiversity’:

Vicki works as part of a multidisciplinary Complex Feeding Team and in this talk will aim to outline some of the reasons children with ASC often find feeding and meal times so challenging. She will also think through helpful strategies for families and positive management of feeding difficulties.

Other resources from Dr. Vicki Ford via ACAMH


Talks and discussion

  • ‘OpenHouse on Autism’ – Meal time stress and managing food sensitivities. Recorded lecture and discussion, the target audience is parents.
Dr. Charlie Tyack
Dr. Charlie Tyack

Dr. Charlie Tyack works in a paediatric sleep centre, with children and their families, to address chronic difficulties with sleep in the context of long term health conditions and neurodisabilities, including intellectual disabilities. He has extensive experience of working positively with people with autistic spectrum conditions.

Other resources from Dr. Charlie Tyack via ACAMH

  • ‘OpenHouse on Autism’ – In search of a bedtime routine. What to do when your child won’t sleep. Recorded lecture and discussion, the target audience is parents.
Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian
Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian

Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian is an Independent Practitioner and visiting Senior Lecturer at King’s College London. She is a leading expert in the assessment and treatment of mental health difficulties in ASD, in understanding cognitive pathways to anxiety in ASD, and also working with girls and women on the autism spectrum.

About the talk on ‘Managing anxiety in autism’:

In this talk, Ann will give an overview of the current pathways to anxiety in autism, and discuss how this can inform therapeutic approaches to anxiety management. She will also discuss the need to consider environmental adaptations for effective anxiety management and prevention.

Other resources from Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian via ACAMH


Talks and discussions

Dr. Max Davie
Dr. Max Davie

Dr. Max Davie is a consultant community paediatrician, working in Lambeth as part of Evelina London Community services. He has a special clinical interest in the assessment and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental conditions in school-age children. He is Officer for Health Improvement at the RCPCH, and trustee and founder of the charity ADHD UK.

Other resources from Dr. Max Davie via ACAMH


Talks and discussions


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