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  • Nip in the Bud

    How isolation and secrecy fuel the self-harm flames

    During Mental Health Awareness month in May 2022 – focused on the role of loneliness – Nip in the Bud listened to experts and those who have been through it to understand the vicious cycle of trying to cope alone. (TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware that this blog discusses self-harm, including personal experiences of self-harm.) This blog was published by Nip in the Bud on 27 May 2022.

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  • Brothers hugging at the stairs

    CAIDPN 2022 Annual Conference Day 2 – recording

    Delegates Only. This event was produced by CAIDPN, a group of psychiatrists across the UK and Ireland who work with children who have an intellectual disability and mental health needs. The second day was tailored to doctors (psychiatrists, paediatricians) working with children with intellectual disabilities.

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  • kid Brothers hugging at the stairs

    Frontiers in clinical practice: A practical update for busy clinicians. First International Child and Adolescent Intellectual Disability Psychiatry Network (CAIDPN) Conference – recording

    Delegates Only. Child and Adolescent Intellectual Disability Psychiatry Network (CAIDPN), and ACAMH, hosted this online conference bringing together different professionals mainly within CAMHS and Intellectual Disability presenting their latest work.

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  • Lizzy Winstone

    Adolescent social media user types and their mental health

    Video abstract from Lizzy Winstone on her JCPP Advances paper ‘Adolescent social media user types and their mental health and well-being: Results from a longitudinal survey of 13–14-year-olds in the United Kingdom’.

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  • Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry (JCPP) & Child & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) journal

    Wiley Transitional Agreement with Jisc included in UKRI Open Access Policy

    Wiley, ACAMH’s publishing partner, reassure that authors who are funded by UKRI, and who are based at an institution that is part of a Wiley Transitional Agreement, can publish in any of Wiley’s ‘hybrid’ journals, due to transitional agreement with Jisc.

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  • Autism Awareness Week

    World Autism Acceptance Week 2022

    This World Autism Acceptance Week (28 March – 3 April), we encourage you to explore the learning opportunities available on our website, and to share with your networks. Together we can help change attitudes and work towards creating a society that works for autistic children and young people.

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  • Professor Emily Simonoff

    Autism and Co-existing Conditions in Children

    It is estimated that around 70% of people with autism have one mental health condition (such as anxiety, ADHD, depression or OCD) and around 40% of the 70% will have more than one. Some of these mental health conditions begin in childhood and are sometimes referred to as co-occurring or co-existing conditions.

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  • Dr. Aja Murray

    Aggressive behaviours and ADHD symptoms in childhood

    Video abstract from Dr. Aja Murray & Lydia Speyer on their JCPP paper ‘A symptom level perspective on reactive and proactive aggressive behaviours and ADHD symptoms in childhood’.

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  • International Women's Day

    #BreakTheBias Celebrating Women in CAMH

    International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global day celebrating the achievements of women, and serves as a call to action for accelerating women’s equality. The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day global campaign is #BreakTheBias. This IWD we have gathered a range of FREE learning resources from leading academics, clinicians, and researchers to raise awareness.

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  • University Mental Health Day

    #UniMentalHealthDay Shaping the Future of Student Mental Health

    University Mental Health Day encourages universities, students, and the wider community to work together to improve the university experience; to make mental health a university-wide priority; and to help change the future of student mental health. This University Mental Health Day, we encourage you to explore the learning opportunities available on our website, and to share with your networks.

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