• Associate Professor Ian Hamilton

    In Conversation…Addiction and Substance Use with Ian Hamilton

    Ian Hamilton and Jo Carlowe discuss mental health problems and substance use co-occurring, the lack of data on young people’s substance use and risk factors and pathways to support.

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  • In Conversation… Dr. Ramya Mohan

    In this podcast, Ramya Mohan discusses the interactive and practical method combining neuroscience and the creative arts CAPE (Creative Arts for Processing Emotion) as a therapeutic technique.

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  • Why it’s time to ACE the way we measure the bad things that happen to children

    There is no magic wand to stop bad things happening, but how we measure the impact of those bad things is absolutely key to helping these children fare better.

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  • Falling through the gap between CAMHS and AMHS

    Young people face a ‘cliff edge’ when trying to access mental health care after reaching the upper age limit of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and try to move into adult health sevices (AMHS).

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  • Homelessness and its impact on children

    In the run up to Christmas, this article aims to outline previous research on the effects of homelessness and the potential solutions already outlined, as well as point towards future research and actions.

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  • Professor Roz Shafran

    In Conversation… Prof. Roz Shafran

    Professor Roz Shafran covers a range of subjects on mental health, including looking at the work her and her team undertake at Great Ormond Street Hospital. This includes innovations such a mental health ‘booth’ for children and families. Roz also looks at the rise of dysfunctional perfectionism

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  • Inflammation: a key risk factor for depression?

    Depression is common but the biological mechanisms leading to this disorder are not well understood. The link between inflammation and the brain may help us elucidate a potential mechanism.

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  • World Mental Health Day 2019: focus on Suicide Prevention

    The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day is suicide and suicide prevention. Our Vision is ‘Sharing best evidence, improving practice’, and to this end we urge you to take a look at the learning opportunities on our website and to share with your networks.

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  • Behind the yellow line

    I am interested in exploring novel methods of research dissemination. In my years as a researcher, I have experienced how hard it is to find a way to communicate research results to the wider non-scientific community – the “real” world.

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  • Dr. Trudie Rossouw

    In Conversation… Dr. Trudie Roussow

    In this podcast, Dr. Trudie Roussow discusses Mentalisation Based Treatment for adolescents (MBT-A), how it differs from MBT for adults, and how this type of intervention can be utilised for those who self-harm.

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